Your written communication needs – whether strategizing, researching, or developing final products – are in good hands with En Pointe Communications. Our passion is to produce clear, concise, and fit-for-purpose documents such as:

  • brochures
  • capability statements
  • document templates in Microsoft Word and Adobe InDesign
  • ebooks
  • information sheets, Internet or intranet content
  • manuals such as operations and maintenance
  • marketing collateral and plans
  • policies and procedures
  • proposal management
  • quality control editing
  • training (instructional design, computer-based training development and scripts, facilitator guides, participant guides)

We will conduct independent research and writing, collaborate with your subject-matter experts, or perform any combination of content development.

35051726b2664197b2c15157302623e8Principal – Marlane Kayfes

Looking back it seems that I was predestined to be a wordsmith since childhood. I wrote plays and insisted that my sister and friends act them out.  I copied articles from our set of encyclopedias (practicing handwriting, story development, and research). And for my capstone project in fourth semester high school Latin, I wrote a newsletter.

Not counting those early experiences, I now have worked more than 20 years in business and technical communications. My approach to each project is with a passion for producing targeted messaging for organizations that value their people, products, and positioning.

My industry experience includes news reporting, medical, gas pipeline and compressor stations, process safety, oil and gas, liquefied natural gas (LNG), and  residential real estate.

Within those industries, my multifaceted experience encompasses the capabilities listed above, as well as managing marketing budgets and collaborating with service providers such as printers, photographers, and mailing houses. I also am very comfortable working with organizations’ branding requirements and various style guides—corporate, Chicago Manual of Style, Society of Petroleum Engineers, Associated Press, American Medical Association, and others.

Visit my  portfolio page to view some samples. Keep in mind, though, that much of my work has been proprietary and is not available to post publicly. Let’s talk.